Cycle of Workshops inaugurated: A Systemic Approach to Quality Infrastructure Mexico – Germany


More than 600 people participated in the kick-off event of the workshop cycle. The five-part event series provides an overview of the QI systems in Mexico and Germany.

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Mexico and Germany recognise the great importance of an efficient and robust quality infrastructure system: It promotes product safety, consumer protection and the reduction or prevention of technical barriers to trade. As part of the Work Plan 2021, the German-Mexican working group quality infrastructure agreed on the project line “Strengthening of product conformity and market surveillance”. The objective is to reinforce the QI systems of both countries through a systemic approach to conformity assessment, accreditation and market surveillance. Therefore, a common understanding of the role, scope and importance of the systemic relevance of these QI elements is fundamental.


To achieve this, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the Mexican Ministry of Economy (SE) jointly organised the Cycle of Workshops: A Systemic Approach to Quality Infrastructure Mexico – Germany. The aim is to analyse and understand QI in both countries as articulated systems. Therefore, the event series creates a space for actors of the German/European and Mexican Quality Infrastructure systems to exchange experiences and good practices.


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Cycle of Workshops: Kick-off event

The kick-off event of the Cycle of Workshops took place virtually on 26 March, with the participation of more than 600 people. The focus of this first workshop was mainly on the legal framework of quality infrastructure in Mexico and Germany.


Taking as a basis the Quality Infrastructure Law in Mexico and the New Approach and New Legislative Framework in Europe, high-ranking representatives of SE and BMWi set the attention on the central instruments that form the basis of both the Mexican and German quality infrastructure systems. Both sides agreed that a QI system is effective when it is internationally harmonised. “Standards developed at an international level enable a common language”, said Mr. Stefan Schnorr, Director General for Digital and Innovation Policy of BMWi. For his part, Mr. Alfonso Guati Rojo Sánchez, Director General of the General Bureau of Standardisation of SE, stated: “Market surveillance is a foundational element of our QI system. A market surveillance system in which the authorities permanently observe compliance and requirements are voluntarily complied with will improve the lives of all Mexicans”.


The speakers also discussed current challenges in the field of quality infrastructure due to the globalised and increasingly digitalised world. QI systems must prepare for the ongoing digitalisation of the economy and integrate digital solutions.


What is next

The following workshop will take place on 28 April 2021. It will address the topic of market surveillance in the Mexican, German and European context. More information will be available soon. We are looking forward to meeting you there.


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