Fostering a common understanding of European safety requirements for personal protective equipment


Dialogue matters

In these times of global pandemic, GPQI is supporting Indian manufactures of personal protective equipment (PPE) with understanding the requirements for PPE in the European system of product safety. This helps to prevent the export of non-conforming products and facilitates the trade of safe PPE.

Close-up of a female portrait with respirator mask.
The CE marking indicates compliance with EU legislation. It must be affixed by the manufacturer or his representative. © Griffin Wooldridge/Unsplash

New Guide to CE Marking of Personal Protective Equipment

The availability of safe and reliable personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential – especially during a pandemic. Local production of PPE in India has increased rapidly since the coronavirus outbreak in early 2020. After covering domestic demand, Indian manufacturers are now looking to sell their products abroad.


Europe is one of the key markets. To facilitate the trade of safe PPE across borders, it is crucial to establish a common understanding of the relevant legislative requirements as well as the roles and responsibilities of manufacturers – in line with the system of product safety in the European Union (EU).


The GPQI promotes the Indo-German knowledge exchange between policy makers, agencies and industry stakeholders. Requirements for PPE in the EU and the relevance of the CE marking – the mandatory marking for defined products placed on the EU single market – were discussed between Indian manufactures and German experts during an online workshop.


Key information has also been elaborated in a practical guideline. This not only supports Indian manufacturers with the export of their products, it also assists Indian procurement bodies in their assessment of products with the CE marking on the Indian market. Ultimately, a common understanding helps to ensure the supply of safe and effective PPE in both countries.


Dialogue matters – A unified understanding of safe personal protective equipment

Juni 2020

Request from Indian stakeholders to learn more about the requirements for PPE in Europe and the CE marking through expert talks.

December 2020

Certification requirements for PPE in the EU, Germany and India are discussed during an online exchange organised by GPQI and BIS.

March 2021

A guideline for the use of CE marking of PPE is published by GPQI in close collaboration with the Central Authority of the German Federal States for Safety (Zentralstelle der Länder für Sicherheitstechnik - ZLS) and TÜV Rheinland.

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